Heavy Equipment Repair

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We want to be there to get your heavy equipment up and running, quickly and safely. If you are in need of any heavy equipment repairs please contact us and we will be there for you . We are here to help!

Your specialists in Heavy Equipment Repair

If you live in the Chicagoland area and have heavy equipment in need of repair, we are here to help! We know how frustrating it is for your machinery to break down on the job and we understand the importance of getting it back up and running not only quickly but properly as well. Suburban Welding & Steel has the expertise and materials needed to get your heavy equipment repaired quickly and efficiently.

We have been around long enough to not only see just about everything that can and will break but we have been there to repair it as well. Our vast knowledge and experience of heavy equipment repairs means that when you call Suburban Welding & Steel, you are getting repairs done right. The first time!

We also have portable welding equipment! If you are unable to bring your heavy equipment to our shop, we can come to you. Take the hassle and added down time out of repairs by eliminating the need to transport your damaged heavy equipment to us. We offer field scheduling services as well as emergency repairs as needed so please do not hesitate to call us when you are in need of heavy equipment repair onsite!

Our Most Common Repairs

We regularly perform the following repairs, replacements, and modifications:

  • Backhoe bucket repair
  • Backhoe bucket teeth replacement
  • Front end loader repairs
  • Dump truck body repairs
  • Dump truck lining replacement
  • Trailer repair and modification
  • Snow plow repairs and modification
  • Flatbed stake and rail repairs

Do you have something that needs to be repaired but are not sure if we can handle it? Give us a call and we will discuss your options with you. Our skilled technicians have been fixing anything and everything for over 65 years so odds are we’ve seen it before. If by rare chance we haven’t, we have the knowledge and background to confidently make your repairs and get you back up and running!

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