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Specializing in Heavy Equipment Repair in Chicago, IL

If you live in or around Chicago, IL, with heavy equipment repair needs, we want to help. We know how frustrating it is for your heavy machinery to stop working. Suburban Welding and Steel has the expertise and materials required to get you up and running again

We have an extensive stock of steel products, including plates, angles, channels, expanded metal, and floor plates for sale. We also carry aluminum and stainless steel products. That means we have all the necessary material at our disposal to repair your heavy equipment.

We also have portable welding equipment—if you don't want to bring your heavy equipment to our shop, we can come to you. Take the hassle and time out of repairs by eliminating the need to transport your damaged heavy machinery.

Our Most Common Repairs

We normally perform the following repairs, replacements, and modifications:

  • Backhoe bucket repair
  • Backhoe bucket teeth replacement
  • Dump truck body welding repairs
  • Dump truck repairs
  • Trailer repair and modifications
  • Snow plow repairs and modifications
  • Flatbed stake and rail repairs

Have something else that needs to be repaired? We want to help. Call us and we'll discuss your options. Our skilled repairmen have been fixing anything and everything for 65 years now.

Contact Us

We want nothing more than to get you back to using your heavy equipment quickly and safely—and at a good price. Call us at 847-678-1264 or email us at for help with heavy equipment repairs in Chicago, IL.

Heavy Equipment Repair and Welding
One of our Suburban Welding & Steel Custom Built Field Service Trucks
Industrial machine repairRebuild Front of Plow Hitch Tractor trailer repair
Air Arcing Cracked Weld of Large Press Housing
Heavy equipment repairRebuild of Large Grappler Bucket Franklin Park heavy equipment repairRepair of Decking on Fire Truck
Franklin Park heavy equipment repairOxylance cutting of shaft from furnace impellor Franklin Park heavy equipment repairSuburban Welding and Steel in full force at rail yard
Franklin Park heavy equipment repairSuburban Welding & Steels state of the art field
service trucks
Franklin Park heavy equipment repairRepair weld for cracked bucket
Franklin Park heavy equipment repair

Fabrication and Installation of Snow Blower Bracket onto Front End Loader


Heavy equipment repair
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